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Ateliers-Tracer mon Plan de vie


Chart my Life´s Course

Questions about your professional, relational or personal life?

Or simply need some direction, more clarity in your life?


Find your life's path and give more meaning to your life!

Awake your hidden potential.

Use your innate talents to have a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life.

An approach based on the latest research from positive psychology on happiness

A way to see your life inspired by the characteristics of visionary leaders

Imagine your future life using the innovative foresight approach

Choose your priorities and actions to achieve your projects, your dreams

Leave with concrete results

Go ahead and enjoy your results from the first days

You may have already taken seminars, completed personality tests   and read personal development books. They probably have brought you a better knowledge of yourself, some well-being, but little about the direction of your life and what to do concretely to move forward in the coming days and months.
But isn't it  what  were are all all looking for: what to do now ???

At the end of this workshop, you will have your written Life Plan with projects and actions
to achieve them! 

They experienced the workshop:

I lived one of my my project as achieved; I really felt like I had already done it!

I am going to start it tomorrow morning!



The foresight method used for my priority project had the most impact on me. Very nice format that allows energy to circulate. Very Motivating.



It is the first time that I take the time to write down my projects, my goals ... I should have done this workshop before but even at 60 it help me see more clearly,


I often spent hours planning my 2 weeks vacation but this is the first time I think about my life. Your approach is concrete and inspiring. I have less doubts about what I really want to do.



See the dates of the next group workshops posted lower.  
To be kept informed of upcoming workshop dates, simply register below.

 The individual workshop is given by videoconference. It lasts about 2 hours and costs CHF 495. 
Another option: you can organize a small private group from  at least 3 participants, at a rate  of
295 CHF pp

Contact me for more information.

You will leave with these key takeaways:

-the identification of your 5 innate strengths and how to use them to move forward.

-the 8 characteristics of happy people.

-the secret of visionary leaders and how to use it for your projects.

- one of your future priority projects already developed and experienced as achieved, thanks to the prospective method.

-concrete actions to be carried out the next day.

-a clear direction and more meaning in your life.

-and your own personalized Life Plan touching the three spheres of your life: professional life, personal life and relational life; all on 3 pages. 

If you don't plan your life, chances are that someone else will.  You only have one life to live. Live YOUR own life according to YOUR desires. 

For more information or to be kept informed of the next workshop dates, register below or contact me without any obligation . M: 078-635-9060

Merci pour votre envoi !

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