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Montagne-Conseils PME



Always passionate about people, I help business leaders give meaning and vision to their businesses. I have developed a so-called 4S approach:





It all starts with formulating the purpose of your organization, which is what gives SENSE or meaning to work for your employees and also why your clients choose you. Then we can talk about STRATEGY, the directions in which you want to develop.


What organizational STRUCTURE represents your leadership style and the level of autonomy for your employees? The SYSTEM supports your organisation to optimize your operations.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked through co-development and strategic advice with more than a hundred SME business leaders from different business sectors.

A native of Quebec, my mixed North American and Swiss approach sheds a unique, innovative and pragmatic light on your organization and your leadership.

Strategic advice and coaching for executives and CEO.

Member of Advisory Board.

Support for the strategic planning of SMEs and organizations (mission, vision, purpose)

Support towards the self-management of organizations

(holacracy, horizontal company, ...)

Reorganization of the organizational structure and teams in order to provide greater autonomy


Normand is well acquainted with the problems of business leaders, he was able to share his experience and expertise with us in our journey towards a self-managed organization. Professional and human, he always provides good advice to help us progress.


Christophe Barman,

Co-founder Loyco

The coaching and sessions with my management team allowed us to finalize our mission and our future vision. The facilitation of group sessions reinforced their involvement and their sense of belonging. I remember it as a moment of sharing strong collective intelligence, and I sincerely thank Normand for his involvement and his ability to bring out the best in each of the 25 people present.


Rachel Pola,

CEO Forever Institute

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or simply to discuss your aspirations about your organization.


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