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Who am I ?

I was born and raised in a small village in Quebec where the majority of men, like my father, worked in a large factory. I worked there too but I needed to learn and explore more. I quit this job and explored several different jobs before starting university.

Intrigued by the human behavior, I studied psychology ( Psychology) which opened up an unknown world to me. I have read a lot about philosophy and religions because I have always wondered about the meaning of life. I completed my studies with an MBA.

I worked in large management consulting firms where I advised leaders in setting  the mission, vision, strategies of their organizations and in decision-making. I learned a lot about people, their motivations and the purpose at work.

It was at that time that I developed the method that will become the workshop: Chart your life's Course. Since then, this approach has helped many to give direction to their lives, to give them meaning and to live a fulfilling life . Workshops

I arrived in Switzerland in 2008. I developed and managed a group of company owners for 7 years focused on progress through mutual aid and co-development, and centered on the human aspects of leadership and organizations, I led groups, development workshops and coached more than a hundred executives and leaders.I also accompany  persons who are facing a career transition, a period of questioning but also with opportunities.

Always passionate about people, I studied  neuro-linguistics programmation and positive psychology ; the science of happiness and motivation. Coaching for me is above all, listening and motivating people.

I firmly believe that we have more resources than we think and that we dare to use. I studied, trained and specialized in the Solution Focused Coaching in France, in Quebec and the USA. I am a certified coach . Solution Focused Coaching .


This positive, respectful and motivating approach thrilled me, because with it, I am able to help people gain confidence and find concrete solutions applicable to their situations.

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My mission

Guide the personal growth of open minded persons so they can express their full potential.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing,

no wind is favorable.

I will be happy to tell you more about this approach, without obligation.


It all starts with a first contact free of charge, just call me.


Today, I have over 2,500 hours of support and coaching of persons of various background and problems.


I help people gain a clear direction in their life with the workshop:  Chart your Life's Course. What a joy to see them leave the workshop with enthusiasm to carry out their projects and their lives!

I individually coach those who momentarily are lacking meaning in their life, experience a personal or professional problem, a lack of motivation, procrastination, relationship difficulties or simply are in questioning phase in their life.


What a pleasure to see my clients progress quickly and smile when they think about tomorrow.



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