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Knowing why a tire is become flat does not help the driver to change the wheel ?

Does asking why we haven't learned to swim help us if we ever fall into the water ?

The origin of this positive approach

Steve de Shazer and his wife Insoo Kim Berg are interested in the systemic approach and brief therapy in Palo Alto, California in the 1980s. Psychologists, however, found that everything is too focused on the identification and lengthy discussions of the client's problem. They then develop their approach centered on the emergence of solutions based on the strengths and positive experiences of the client. They named it Solution Focused Brief Therapy because it produced positive outcome and fast  results.


An innovative, effective and motivating approach that applies to all life issues and that gives rapid and lasting results. It has been used successfully for 50 years in psychotherapy and individual coaching.

Talking about problems creates more problems.

Talking about solutions creates more solutions.

Steve De Shazer

* You are feeling stuck with the same personal, professional or relationship problem for a long time.

*You are facing a career transition, thinking about becoming independent or an entrepreneur.

*You want to move forward but just can't do it .

* You have run out of ideas and listening to those around you doesn't really help you.

* You may even have an idea for a solution but you are going around in circles.

* You no longer have the motivation and the situation is undermining your energy.

If you want to get out of your problem quickly and move towards a desired solution, the solution focused  approach is for you.

Good reasons to try the solution focused approach


You are not judged, analyzed, psychoanalyzed, put in boxes, there is no diagnosis or interpretation, speculation because each person is unique. Normal people have normal problems in their lifetimes.


People have skills, strengths, experience and resources to solve their problems. It is about bringing together their solutions by questioning and amplifying them through encouragement. The approach respects the specificity and values of each individual.


Discussions focus on what is achievable and can be changed, rather than what is inaccessible and cannot be changed, such as the past. With one small step at a time, the person moves away from their problem and advances towards HIS/HER resolution objective.


We prefer to focus on achieving modest goals, which will have immediate and future positive impact in people's daily lives.      One small step, one small change is all you need .


You feel positive changes after the first meeting. No long term therapy. A few sessions are enough to greatly reduce the problem and positively improve the situation. It is the client who decide when to stop the sessions.


The goal is for you to be autonomous as quickly as possible.


More than 150 clinical / universities studies demonstrate the long-term effectiveness of the solution-oriented approach with significant positive results for all types of problems * from 65% to 83%.


Some of these studies have been carried out over several years, and show that in more than 75% of the cases, the client is satisfied and the problem is completely or largely resolved. Simply remarkable results, in comparison with long therapies or traditional coaching.

*(Anxiety, depression, work-related problems, insomnia, parental conflict, mourning, loss of meaning, relationship problems, lack of self-esteem, procrastination, lack of direction, .. )


We have all known this experience: a person talks to us at length about his problem and he knows his problem very well. However, mastering your problem, the potential causes and the why that goes with it does not go away.

The solution is not necessarily directly related to the problem. The demonstrated success of solution-oriented coaching is based not on the whys but more on the hows; how we can co-create one or more possible solutions, achievable in small steps. The future is both created and negotiable.

Often. all we need is an impulse, an external, neutral and benevolent help to guide and motivate us.

I will help you resolve the problem or your feeling of being stuck you are experiencing. I will give you this impulse and motivation to move forward towards your desired solution.

No long term commitment.

Live a session and then you decide to continue or not.


I thought a lot about what you told me… despite the difficult period of transition I could see the positive. I made the decision and I feel better, with the energy to achieve my new professional project.



What has changed since we first met, everything. I see what I have already done and it motivated me to do more.



Thanks Normand. I saw everything in black, especially because of the separation and the move, but you made me understand all that I had accomplished and that I had strengths that I did not recognize.



I was leaving my sessions with my psychiatrist empty, with you it's really different. I feel energized and positive. It's down to earth, we take small steps and we keep a cool head.


A solution focused approach, everything is in the title ... Concrete from the first interview. Normand points to the forces that can sometimes escape us.


He helped me 'clear the horizon' and put in place simple and concrete strategies that outline THE solution.

The motivation was there again! Thank you!!


In my coaching sessions with Normand I was surprised by how quickly and precisely we could pin down one overriding objective to work towards, that would improve various aspects of my life. 


Normand's way of making observations and pointing them out to you makes issues manageable and the will to improve stronger!


from London

Graduated in psychology and holder of an MBA, I am a certified coach in Solution Focused Coaching

I have more than 2,500 hours of support and coaching with a varied and diverse clientele.


I individually coach those who are searching for a more purposeful life, experiencing a personal or professional problem, a career transition,  a lack of motivation, procrastination, relationship difficulties or simply in a questioning phase in their life.


It is a pleasure to see my clients progress quickly and smile when they think about tomorrow.

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To know more...

I will be happy to answer your questions or give you more information during a free initial contact.


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